Norwegian TELEVISION Host Commun Gaming Invention Group in excess of Failed Collab

Norwegian TELEVISION Host Commun Gaming Invention Group in excess of Failed Collab

Famous television persona claims bigger reached your verbal binding agreement entitling your pet to 3. four million explains to you now well worth NOK10 mil

Popular Norwegian TV presenter Hallvard Flatland says he or she is entitled to 3 or more. 4 mil shares for online gambling crew Gaming Technology Group (GIG) under your verbal understanding with firm officials the government financial aid 2015. This company is being sued by the telly host and the two parties met within the Bergen Center Court the 2009 Wednesday, area news outlet stores report.

Mr. Flatland has worked intended for Norway’s earliest commercial hdtv station , TVNorge, along with the Norwegian Broadcasting Company. He is best known as the software program and sponsor of the place’s most popular gameshow, Casino , which aired between 1989 and 1993 and then lightly from 03 to 2004. Mr. Flatland is also an avid gambler.

Depending on court submitting, the TV public speaker believes he can entitled to a few. 4 , 000, 000 GIG conveys, which are right now valued on around NOK10 million. Mr. Flatland offers told judge that during the spring about 2015, the guy reached a good verbal agreement with ex – Nio Inc. Chief Executive and investor Kjetil Myrlid Aasen to receive shares in the gambling group included in a cooperation that would have witnessed the TV sponsor become a GB ambassador. Nio, a bingo company once more, had just secured often the acquisition of GB at the time.

Price or No Work

Providing more details about often the agreement, Mr.. Flatland has stated that it was reached on September 30, 2015 in Bergen. The engaged parties to be able to sign virtually any documents towards officialize the deal , nevertheless the TV public speaker has mentioned he was verified a deal was reached. An exciting new CEO was initially appointed to acquire the matched entity, if the Nio/GIG work was carried out. Mr. Flatland contacted the main newly equiped executive after and demanded additional information within the agreement’s observance. However , the television presenter appeared to be told that there would be simply no collaboration and this there was virtually no agreement gotten to.

Mr. Aasen free online slots said on court there was no cope of any specific, but mentioned that he was basically approached by simply Mr. Flatland and that the second option asked to with GIG management in relation to potential aide .

GB Chairman Helge Nilsen depicted the set in courts on Mondy. He revealed that they had been skeptical in regards to the success connected with potential collaboration with Mr. Flatland. Mister. Nilsen additionally pointed out that the business did not have got much funds at the time and also was not absolutely sure how it is partnership along with the TV public speaker would help.

On the other hand, Mr.. Flatland explained as part of their agreement with GIG, he or she bought one zillion shares inside the company to demonstrate his morals in its long run. Mr. Aasen said recently in courts that the buying shares was basically part of the increased of the betting group only to have nothing to conduct with the hypothetical agreement.

Video gaming Innovation Set is headquartered in Melma , still operates workplaces in Oslo, Gibraltar, as well as Copenhagen, and so on. Its pursuits include the opportunity of either B2B plus B2C bingo products.

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