Research: Canadians are changing prescribed drugs with cannabis

Research: Canadians are changing prescribed drugs with cannabis

A brand new landmark research by scientists Philippe Lucas and Zach Walsh (together with Tilray), unearthed that a remarkable amount of Canadians are changing their drug prescriptions with medical cannabis. Their studies have shown that 63 per cent of respondents reported become utilizing cannabis that are medical host to prescription drugs.

To be much more particular, here is a little bit of a failure:

30 % of respondents are replacing opioids with medical cannabis. Opioids are a course of medications such as heroin, as well as discomfort relievers available lawfully by prescription, such as for instance oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), morphine, etc. There is an opioid that is serious in Canada at the time of late, with your drugs evoking the fatalities of a huge selection of individuals, a year ago alone.

16 % of participants are replacing benzodiazepines with medical cannabis. Benzodiazepines are a course of agents that really work from the main neurological system, they have been employed for conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, seizures, or sleep problems.

12 % of participants are changing antidepressants with medical cannabis.

The absolute most very cited reason behind switching to medical cannabis, according to the respondents, had been less side that is adverse (39 %), and 27 % stated medical cannabis had been safer. In addition, 16 % of participants noted that medical cannabis ended up being a lot more effective in dealing with their signs than their prescription drugs.

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